I started MJ Firearms because of my love for hunting, shooting, and everything to do with outdoors. People I know are always asking me about my gun collection and using me as a resource when looking to buy new guns, so it only makes since that I make it as easy and convenient for my friends and family to purchase any firearm they want at as close to cost as possible.

I believe that Americans should own as many guns as their little heart’s desire!

I was also tired of hearing that “Anyone who came from CA must be a Fucking Liberal Asshole that wants to take away our guns!” – My son heard that from an 8th grader he goes to school with. So I figured why not be the best damn firearms dealer Idaho!

So, all bullshit aside, I love guns, I love hunting, and I believe its an American duty to teach our children how to hunt and shoot and defend themselves if its ever necessary. (This is more evident today than ever).

I am the Bearded/Tattooed/EX-CA and fucking proud of it! If I offended you then this probably isn’t going to be your source for firearms, and I’m ok with that. No Snowflakes allowed.